Grade 1

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Welcome to the Gr 1 page!  Here are some   activities you can be doing while you are at home. If you have an instrument to play - create your own songs and record them. 

Click on the pictures from this web page,  to listen and  dance along with our action songs.   

You can make your own instrument and compose your own music!  Find something  to use as a drum from your

house and play some rhythms.


Listen to Beethoven and draw a picture of how the music makes you feel. 




Watch the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and remember when we are singing the song, use you soft (piano), Medium (Moderato

and Loud Forte voices!

Here are some other videos to watch and learn and do!

che che koolay pic.png
kodaly hand signs.png

Here are some of the music words we have been learning about:

Forte = Loud

Piano = Soft

Mezzo Forte = medium loud or half loud

Volume = How loud or soft the music is!


Tempo = How fast or slow the music is playing.

Moderato = walking pace

Presto = Fast

Largo = Slow

We are practising our singing! 

Listen to this new African Folk song Zimbole! 

Watch Jacqs with her ukulele singing Inanay! This song is a childrens Indigenous song!

You can also watch the choir version with a didgeridoo of Inanay

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presto largo.png