Welcome Grade 4's! 
Here are some resources and videos to help you to learn to play the keyboard. If you have a keyboard to practice on at home Fantastic! If not, you can always practice on your GarageBand iPad keyboard, or you can play an internet keyboard/piano.
You can practise your singing, create your own music, or play some online music games that are linked here on your Gr 4 page to keep your music learning going while you are at home! 
           Here is the DYNAMITE song!    
Clap along to these rhythms from YouTube! 
stage 1 rhythms.png
stage 2 rhythms.png
stage 3 rhythms.png
00:00 / 01:20

Click on the video to listen and watch how to play

'Ode To Joy' by Beethoven

Need a challenge? Learn a song with your LEFT HAND and read the notes on the Bass  Clef with a new song called 'Aura Lee'.

Forgot where middle C is?


Watch our catchy song

C is to the left of the 2 black keys!

c is to the left.png
line rider.png

Watch the 

line rider


look for the music symbols

and how the music matches the   animation.


Perform and rap with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! This is a fun piece of music