Grade 3

What's up Grade 3's? 

There is lots of music practice and activities that you can do at home!   

You can create your own rhythms and music using body percussion (sounds you can make with your body like clapping, stamping,   or using  voice sound effects).

You can find something around the house   (get your Mum or Dad's permission) to use and play it as a drum!  Or you can make and create your own  instrument!

 Try and play along to the beat or rhythm of your favourite  song with your new drum!

Ms Nicolle talking to Gr 3's!
stage 3 rhythms.png

Click on the picture to practice these rhythms!

stage 2 rhythms.png
classics for kids.jpg

Check out the games and information at the Classics for Kids website!

Dance and sing to the Kidz Bop Shuffle!

Kidz Bob shuffle.png

Check out the Cymatics video clip! and the science behind sound and how sound travels in waves!

go oodle.png

Sing and Dance to your favourite Go Noodle Songs! Check out this money rap!