Hello Foundation Students!

Click on the pictures to sing and dance to the songs we have learnt in music so far!

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We learnt about Fast and slow with the PRESTO LARGO song!

presto largo.png

The Spicy Salsa song!


Twinkle Twinkle

incy wincy.png

Itsy Bitsy

I can sing a rainbow

Bow Wow Wow

bow wow wow.png

see Saw

up and down

in the sky and on the ground

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oops!! Can you hear one of

my dogs (Gemma) bark 

in this recording? lol

were going on a bear hunt.jpg

Read and sing We're going on a bear hunt! Remember to use add sound effects with your body percussion (stamping, voice, clapping, swishing!)

Learn the instruments of the Orchestra!


Learn to sing Inanay,

an Indigenous song.

beat vs rhythm.png

Beat and rhythm.

Listen to Sonata No 5 by the composer Beethoven!  Draw a picture of howthis music makes you feel!

Listen and learn this new song Zimbole!


Here is another Zimbole performance!

zimbole 2.png