Practice the songs!  Remember to do you vocal warm ups. When singing,   stand properly, learn  the lyrics off by heart, listen and match your voice to the pitch and keep in time with the music!

Want to know how Ms Nicolle s does when practising?  Here are the videos from warm up, to vocal strengthening techniques that her vocal teacher Elle tells her to do every night!


Maybe you can do some of these exercises too which will help your voice!  Remember - practice is never perfect and you will hear mistakes! That is how we learn! This is my REAL practise time and exercises!

Warm up 1: ssss Focus on air

Warm up 2: Whooo vocal stretches

vocals vid.png
vid 2.png

Warm up 3: "Whoo" - vocal slides

Warm up 4: MMM 1

video 4.png

Warm up 5:

video 7.png

Warm up 6: AAA EEE III

lyrics practice 


Song practise



someone you loved.png
video 8.png