Hi Grade 2's!

We have been learning  to play songs on the

keyboards and xylophones and have been using the


online virtual pianos during remote learning! 


Here is the link to an online keyboard if you don't

have a keyboard at home. 


Virtual - xylophone

I normally love playing the recorder with Gr 2's,


however during Covid times, we will have to learn


other instruments. I am going to teach you some of


the songs we would perform on the recorder but we

will be playing it on the virtual instruments this term.  


Click on the videos and links to learn to play these songs!  Happy practising!

We have also been adding sound effects to the MORTIMER story by Robert Munsch and singing the chorus! 

  "Cling Clang Rattle Bing Bang,

  gonna to make my noise all day! 



Watch and listen to these Gr 1 students from another school (uploaded by Bow Tie Music) perform this story with the sound effects for the door, walking up and down the stairs (you can use instruments!) and of course sing!  Add in your dynamics (the loud and soft when your sing and perform the song!). 

You might even like to find another book your can add sound effects to when reading it or write your own music sound story!

For the xylophones or keyboards: Click on the video to play Doggie Doggie! 
Doggie Doggie for keyboard and xylophones.png

Click on the picture to play Mary Had A Little Lamb! Credits to Visual Musical Minds - a great resource!

This is how we play a B on the recorder! Don't forget to cover the back hole with your thumb!
A  on th erecorder.jpg

This is how we play a G on the recorder!

This is how we play an A  on the recorder!

Remember left hand at the top!

You can practice your rhythms and reading notes! Find an instrument at home or make your own instrument to play along to the track!

stage 2 rhythms.png
stage 1 rhythms.png

Practice singing
the Try Everything
The Zootopia

Try everything.png
kodaly hand signs.png

Learn our singing

handsigns! Sing

and do the action!

Why not play some cool music games? 

classics for kids.jpg

Listen to  aBeethoven piece -

Sonata no 5 .

Draw how it

makes you feel!

beethoven pic.jpg

Sing or clap the rhythms to Che Che Koolay!

Learn the actions of Chan Mali Chan, a Malaysian Folk song about a little goat!

chan mali chan.png